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International collaboration

Yelanets Humanitarian Gymnasium is open to international contacts. Since the middle of 2014 we are part of eTwinning Plus Ukraine program in which we have the possibilities to find friends among European schools.

Our English and German teachers V.V. Melnyk and I. I. Svidenko have taken part in practical sessions held by the Authorities of eTwinning plus Ukraine and now we work on three joint projects with schools from Poland , Greece, Spain , Great Britain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus and other countries. Our first project was Christmas cards around Europe and it brought much fun to our pupils.

Our pupils learn German as a foreign language and we deal with Goethe Institute in Kyiv and German Culture Center Widerstrahl.We take part in their projects too, get authentic literature from them and make our lessons innovative.

We organize many parties in English and German and you can find the photos of them in the News unit.
Join us and we shall develop friendship in Europe and in the world!!!

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( 㳿 , 19.05.2017 )

-Good morning, dear guests! We would like to present you our participation in the international program eTwinning plus- , ! eTwinning plus.

-At first a few words about the program itself. Its a Program of European Commiittee started in 2005 for developing cooperation among European schools. Teachers and students can realize international projects. The main idea lies in developing international cooperation through using communicative technologies. The program makes teachers and students more motivated and encourages European integration.

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Our first attempts were concentrated on the project Christmas cards around Europe. It was very successful. 30 students from the 1 and second form took part in it. We sent cards to 15 European countries. We learnt many interesting things about celebrating Christmas in countries of Europe. The working language was English. Photos and videos were uploaded on the working page Twinspace.

Christmas cards around Europe, 30 1 2 . , 15 . г . . . ³ Twinspace.

Now we are working on 2 projects-A game in each ring and Lets meet. In the first one there are 70 schools participants. We learn the games from different European countries. This is our video about a folk game Handkerchief made by Taras Bedratyi.

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The project Lets meet is a step towards the exchange with our twin school from Poland. We get to know each other, our schools, hobbies, everyday life so that we visit each other someday. Lets visit our twin space.

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On the first page you can see the information about us and our Polish friends, then about our schools, favourite holidays. We had a skype session with them and here is a part of it.

We look forward to meeting our Polish friends.


Join eTwinning and find friends abroad!


Thank you for attention!

( , 2017)

Our gymnasium has become a member of the International organization Etwinning.

It unites more than 30 countries of Europe.

Schools of different countries take part in projects and make friends.

Our gymnasium is taking part in 3 projects now.

We have practically finished working on the project Christmas cards around Europe.

We made our cards and sent them to 15 schools from Europe.

Maria Christodoulou Ktori
C'  Idaliou Primary School
Theodosi Pierou 1
2548, Dali 

Laura Raciti
Istituto Comprensivo "Cruillas"
via Salerno, 19

Janka Gerocova
Gymnazium Alejova 1
Alejova 1
041 49

Joanna Mach
Zespol Placowek Oswiatowych w Kamieniu
Kamien 145
32-071 Kamien

Iskenderpasa Ortaokulu
Trabzon    /  TURKEY

Helen Bielec
Shakespeare Primary School
Manor Road
FY7 7 LL 

Valentina Melnik
Yelanets Humanirarian Gymnasium
25 Gorkogo Street
Yelanets, Mykolayiv region,
Ukraine, 55501

Kepa Ribera Blanco
Colegio Azkorri Ikastetxea
Carretera Zientoetxe S/N
Getxo / Spain

Magda Piotrowska
Szkola Podstawowa nr 3
ul. Marksa 18
11-200 Bartoszyce

Ionela Dobre 
Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 1 
Str. Mihai Bravu, nr. 104
Mizil, Prahova,

Gabriela Guzgan
Scoala Gimnaziala Episcop Iacov Antonovici
Str. N. Tonitza nr. 20
Barlad, Vaslui, Romania

Mimi Jordanova
Kindergarten " Slunchice "
street " Daskal D. Popov " 1
Dobrich 9300 / Bulgaria

Magda Rys
Szkola Podstawowa nr 45
ul.Zakatek 20
41-907 Bytom

Stefanos Diamantis
Primary School of Kalandra
Dimotiko Sholeio Kalandras
Kassandra, Chalkidiki
63 077

Francesca Leone
Scuola Primaria "E. Fermi"- Cividino
via Fratelli Pagani 20
24060 Castelli calepio (Bergamo)

Maria Corral Rodriguez
Colegio Divina Pastora
C/S.Miguel de los Angeles, 22
CP:45002  Toledo

We made a video and many photos and sent them to our friends.

Our friends sent their letters to us.

All the cards are handmade.

I have got a letter from Poland, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Great Britain, Slovakia. There is a Christmas card in it.

It is very interesting to learn about traditions of celebrating Christmas in different countries.

We will develop our friendship and we want to visit our friends in Poland, Turkey, Greece, Spain and other European countries.

These are our international Certificates for participating in the projects.